Greetings friends and family,


  Just wanted to share some things with you. I am back in NJ and feeling very much at home. I am officially settled and back to work.  It's been a whirlwind and I am happy to finally have a moment to fill everyone in on a VERY special story, something that happened right before I moved back to NJ. I can say it's one of the most touching gifts Zera House has received thus far. I can't quite put into words just how meaningful this gift was.  I was handed a card by a young girl that means so much to me. She is 12 years old.  I met this precious girl when I first moved to Georgia in April of  2012. Here is a copy of her letter I received;





"I hope your love and kindness rubs off on everyone you meet. I am donating $50 to you for Zera House. I have been saving for a FEW YEARS, looking for a good cause to give it to"


Reading the letter for the first time, I was brought to tears! BIG tears!! Stella and I proceeded to cry together and hug one another. WHAT. A. BLESSING!! (special thanks to my friend Randa for capturing the moment)



Friends, I share this with you so you can be encouraged! Be blessed by this story and the kindness and generosity of this precious girl. This gift still moves me to tears when I relive the moment. God uses anyone and everyone... even the little children. There is so much power in this story. Please pray for this beautiful being. That she is blessed beyond measure for her brilliant act of kindness. I have been left overwhelmed and humbled to the core! 


Thank you again for your prayers! 


**** we will be relaunching our " Moving to the Mountain State" campaign very soon! We want everyone to receive their shirts before Christmas so you can gift people, with the gift that keeps on giving!****


PLEASE continue to keep us in prayer:


 Sylvia Curtis: Again that the Lord holds her so close to Him during this time of regeneration and transition. That he continues to equip her for the present and future of Zera House and in her daily life. 


Please keep me in prayer as I will be meeting with people soon about partnering with Zera House. Also, I ask for prayer in my new/old job, I am back in the restaurant industry and I would love prayer, that it continues to run smoothly and for peace as it can be a crazy place.


This has been my current meditation as I have been back;


" God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7)


God has placed me here for now, as I continue to be molded for Zera House. Just allowing the potter to do His most magnificent handiwork. 


Be blessed friends! HAPPY FALL!! Ariel