Greetings Friends~

We have some big things happening with Zera House. Without giving to much away,  we need to confirm some important things on the business end before we announce anything. We have a meeting first weekend in August with a gentleman who shares the same vision and wants to help us in some BIG ways. We ask you to please keep all involved in your prayers as we have many details to work out. We don't want to mess with the Lord's timeline and will and we certainly don't want to speak to soon.  In the meantime, Katie and I have been meeting with other organizations to learn and grow. We are currently working on our curriculum and program that the women of the house will be going through. Let's just say, our working on this has revealed something IS coming soon :) 


Please pray for:

PROTECTION  over Katie and I as we continue to follow through on the vision the Lord has placed on our hearts.

PROVISION   We need to be a fully funded program. We have put together a rough budget for the rest of 2016 and 2017. We need funds to make this happen ( we will disclose this when we have confirmed some details)... trusting the Lord and continue to be so thankful for his faithfulness. People are donating stuff for our future house and we have been so overwhelmed and completely humbled. 

PATIENCE again, that we don't jump the gun on the Lord's timeline. Our desire is to wait patiently on Him. His timing is perfect. 

PERSISTENCE  That we continue to stay focused on the things the Lord has set before us with little distraction. Also, that we work diligently on the program and curriculum that will be used in Zera House. If there is anything HE wants to reveal to us in the process, we welcome that! 

I was reading my Journal from October of 2014 this week. When Zera House was just an idea, thought, dream!! In it, I read the whisperings I heard from the Lord, " I will provide. The home for healing will happen, just watch". JUST WATCH!!!! Wow oh wow!! WE ARE WATCHING and IT IS HAPPENING!!! We are honored and humbled the Lord has chosen us and we are honored and humbled to have you. Thank you for coming along side of us and watching with us!! Thank you for your continued prayers and support!! Have a blessed week and Happy Independence Day!!