"Rebuilding the Ancient Ruins"

 We are coming down from a very exciting weekend! WOW!! God proves his goodness over and over and over again. I have put together a little video of all we did and saw so you can enjoy it at your leisure. Again, we are so grateful to Jack and his awesome staff and ministry and for giving us a roof over our heads. We are grateful to the NJ team that met us in WV. They showed us around and fed us. The coffee was SO GOOD! We are grateful to board member, Susan Kelly and her husband, Mark for driving us up and being an extra set of eyes and ears as we confirmed our plans! All of us shared wonderful meals around the table and had a beautiful time of fellowship and prayer. We are grateful to the Lord for going before us in ALL things and for blessing us all so abundantly. 


  You will get a sneak peak inside of Zera House in the video. When walking through the house I was flooded with emotion. It's overwhelming to be handed a house and to know it's from the Lord to use for His glory! You will see a little bit of what McDowell County looks like and the condition in which people live. We stayed in Jack's 6,600 square foot school, where he hosts many mission teams and children's ministries with his staff. Jack acquired a chapel a while ago and the NJ team has been working on it for a couple of years. The roof and ceiling had two big holes in it at one time. They have worked extremely hard putting the chapel back together with all new electrical wiring and light fixtures. It was so encouraging to see all the hands and feet being used for His kingdom! 


  A special thank you to Katie for her awesome singing and acting debut in the film ;) 


Again, thank you for your prayers and support! Y'all are a big part of the journey!