Our Future Announcements!

Good afternoon Zera House family, 


This is Katie typing. We have had some crazy amazing news to update you on in these last few weeks. We have a few more announcements to share with you all. 


First of all, I am so excited for all that the Lord has planned for Zera House. He has been faithful in all of this to provide for us and make His character displayed. Truly He is good, good Father. What a delight it is to follow Him! 


Now for the first announcement: I will be heading for training in September to prepare for overseas missions, with the intent to go long-term. From the very first day that Ariel and I started talking about Zera House, I let her know how I knew the Lord was preparing me for missions one day...little did I know how soon that would be. I also knew the Lord was allowing me to be apart of the start up of ZH. He has shown me that this is sometimes the role that we are to take: helping begin things and allowing them to grow when we leave, much like Paul as he started churches but left others to allow them to grow. I know that Ariel will be able to continue in this because she has relied upon Jesus for her strength and wisdom in this whole journey, and I know she will continue to do so. I have been so honored to walk in this journey with Ar and am so appreciative of all of your love and support. I will still be in contact with Ar for advice and support, but will be more of a Board Member than an active everyday staff member. 


With that being said, I am very privileged and honored to share that we have a new member of the Zera House team: may I present;


                               Sylvia Curtis






Those are her nieces by the way. Sylvia is from Columbus, Ohio and graduated from, Ohio State. She heard about us from a mutual friend of mine and we started talking to her on the phone and felt an immediate connection. After much prayer and more conversations, Sylvia knew that Zera House is where Jesus is leading her. She has a servant's heart, is kind, desires to know and follow Jesus first, desires to share Jesus' love with the marginalized, understands how to work with conflict, and desires to pour into and disciple women who have been in the sex industry. We know that you all will enjoy knowing Sylvia as she serves our future ladies at ZH. 


Please pray for her as she makes some big life transitions and prepares to join the team. 


Thank you for all of your support, I have enjoyed being apart of this team in the capacity the Lord has allowed so far and I look forward to how I will still be able to watch the Lord grow and make Zera House fruitful.


In His service, Katie and Ariel