Good Afternoon Team,


  Just want to let you know, we have an opportunity to present Zera House to a group of Lawyers this Thursday at a bar meeting. We are excited to see what happens and all that comes from it. We are Thankful to, Brian Annino for allowing us to come and share. He has helped us tremendously in the process of setting up Zera House and has guided us through some of the legal stuff that comes with having a nonprofit. Brian, has a big heart and was so excited to come along side of us to see these women heal from the horror they have lived through. When he found out what we were doing, he said, "whatever you guys need, I want to help." He is a big part of our team and we feel so blessed. Having him has been an answer to prayer and allows us to go in confidence. We are grateful to God for him and happy he is apart of our Zera House family. 

 I also want to give a big thank you to our accountant, Jesse Weber. Again, another big answer to prayer! He has been extremely helpful, going above and beyond his call of duty for us. He captured the vision and gladly came along side of us! He has guided us through all the financial and IRS stuff that I don't get and I don't think I ever will. Which is why we need him :). We are thankful for his expertise and help. God has really blessed us with, Jesse. He has been a huge asset to the Zera House team! We are humbled he wants to be apart of the Zera House Family! 

Last but not least, BIG SHOUT OUT TO, CHIEF (that's the name we gave him) !!!! He has been a huge supporter since the very beginning. He has donated dozens of his very own handcrafted pens! They are absolutely beautiful! I remember the first time I received them. I went to the mail box and found a box addressed to Zera House. I was excited to see what was inside. I proceed to open a velvet case and inside are these amazing pens with Zera House engraved on them. Let's just say,  I was the idiot girl crying at the mail box. We were blown away! Since then, he has sent many pens and have had them engraved personally for members of our team. Last week I told him we were presenting in front of a group of lawyers and requested some pens to hand out to them if at all possible. He had them to the printer and with the help of my mom and dad picking them up and sending them out, they were in my mailbox yesterday!! 

Friends, this is so much bigger than lawyers, accountants and pens! This is everyone using their strengths and gifts to further the Kingdom!!! Can I get an AMEN?!?! WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME TEAM!!! YOU are on the team! Thank you for your continued prayers and support! 

Please Pray for each one our brothers; Brian, Jesse and Chief, that the Lord would equip them and bless them fully, that they would continue to walk freely in Jesus and be lifted up in the spirit, bringing them joy and peace!  

Pray for our presentation on Thursday! Katie and I are very excited and want to honor the Lord and for Him to receive all the glory!! 

Here is a photo of one of the beautiful hand crafted pens by, Chief and our little gift bags I put together for the lawyers! 




Thank you so much again and again for being a member of the team! We could not do any of this without each member using their gifts!