Good evening friends and family, 


   I am coming down from a heavy, yet hopeful weekend. I was in south Georgia, where I sat in on an Out of Darkness training. They are an organization in Atlanta that help rescue and restore the sexually exploited. It was very helpful to see how they operate but more importantly, why. I did leave the weekend asking the Lord, why do you have me doing this again? This is hard. This is sad. This is heavy. His answer is simple; to share the HOPE, LOVE and GRACE of our Savior. Zera House will do just that. What a privilege. What an honor. 


**** "12,400 men buy sex with young females in a given month in Georgia; over 27,000 men buy sex with young females in Georgia multiple times a year." ****


young = Under the age of 18. This is in Georgia alone. I'll let that marinate... 


"You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." Genesis 50:20 


   Thank you all so much for your help with the, "moving to the Mountain State" campaign. We made just enough money to cover the expense of the rental truck. That is a HUGE help. I will be pulling away from the place I have called home for 3 1/2 years, October 5th. Georgia will always be on my mind ;).  However, I am excited about this new chapter the Lord has set out before me. I will be moving back to New Jersey for 5 months where I will work, save and continue to run Zera House. I will then move to West Virginia Beginning of April. There I will be a full time Missionary. WHAT?!?! Never in a MILLION years did I EVER think that I would be! So, I'm here to tell you, God uses ANYONE to serve on His team. 


    Thursday was our farewell dinner for Katie. We met every week for over a year. We prayed, worshipped and planned together. We've watched Zera Hous grow from just a seed, idea, dream. We've cried through lows (me mostly doing the crying). Laughed and smiled and cried ( me again, all the crying) through highs. It's time to let her go! My sweet sister Kati flew out yesterday to Colorado. She has arrived safely and is ready to go. There she will be training for overseas missions! Yes, I am sad. But we celebrate! We celebrate her courage, boldness and faith in Jesus! 


I'm going to miss this face!!!!! 






1. Pray for our beloved, Katie. She is in a new place with new friends. She will be learning and experiencing Jesus in new ways. Pray for discernment and focus as she has a lot of material to cover. Pray for her safety! 


2. Please pray for our funding, that it would continue to come in as we will be operating fully on what we raise come April.


3. Please pray for Sylvia, our newest member of the team. She will be with us in April. Pray the Lord prepares her heart for the work He will do through her at Zera House. Pray for her protection and that the Lord provides all her funding. Pray He would give her the strength and endurance to run her race. 


4. Please pray for my move back to NJ. My parents are graciously allowing me to move back in while I work.  I am excited, and looking forward to spending time with my family. I have 2 sisters having babies while I'm home. So grateful I can be there for that. I will be working 2 jobs to try and save as much as possible before I head to WV. Pray the Lord continues to equip me for the work he has set out before me. 


5. Please pray for the folks over at Out of Darkness as they are doing a mighty work in Jesus' name. Here is their website if you care to see all that they do. We look forward to partnering with them in the rescue and restoration of the victims of sexual exploitation.




In His Service, Ariel