Good Afternoon friends! 


           I know its been a while since I last wrote. I have been so busy working on our Zera House benefit and all the details of our program, once the girls are in the house! SO many exciting things happening. It has been overwhelming to say the least. Donations continue to come in for the house and people continue to partner with us, capturing the vision of our home. I have been so humbled by what the Lord is doing. 


         First, I would like to start by thanking a very special woman who has been a part of my life since birth. She is a most outstanding, God - fearing woman with so much wisdom and I am honored that she has chosen to counsel me in preparation for the mission the Lord has set out before me. Recently she sent me something that really spoke to my heart:


 " Anyone can get happy after the miracle has come. Show me someone who celebrates before the answer, and I will show you someone who is about to experience the answer. This is the nature of faith- it looks ahead and lives accordingly" -Bill Johnson (Bethel Church)


        My faith has been tested the past year as I have been preparing for Zera House. I have now been challenged to celebrate before the answer. This is so much how we need to live. I have expressed fear in doing the right thing for our ministry, funding is always a big one as our budget has grown. Not knowing if we will have enough. So today, I celebrate, I celebrate the answer that I have yet to receive! God knows what we need, when we need it and he knows just how much! I am so humbled again by this word. So friends, I ask you to celebrate with me!! I thank the Lord for all he has provided before I even have it! Lets live accordingly, what do you say, folks!?


      Thank you,  Janis for your knowledge and wisdom and sharing it with me!! That you for your thousands and thousands of prayers over my life (thank you, mom too)!! You prayed without ceasing and this is what happens! I once was lost but now I'm found! What a testimony! What a marvelous work the Lord has done. Now this story will be used to minister to women who need deliverance. AND WE KNOW OUR GOD WILL DO IT!!!! 


     Next up... I leave for West Virginia in a couple of weeks to work on my living space with a crew from my church! This is getting so real and its thrilling. I also will be interviewing a girl from the area who is interested in our counseling position. I am asking for wisdom and guidance as I am starting the interview process with potential staff for our house. 


      Please pray for all involved with this trip. For safe travels and blessings on all who will be there. So blessed by the crew from the church willing to come down, volunteer their time and efforts to help me get my living space together. All so I can better serve the women and staff who come through our home. 


     Speaking of staff, please lift our sweet, Sylvia in your prayers as she prepares for her ministry to our women as house mom. She will be joining us in West Virginia this next trip to see where she will be living and serving. It just keeps getting better and better! 


      Lastly, this past Sunday I was once again, overwhelmed and humbled when another influential God-fearing woman in my life, blessed me beyond words. I had mentioned to her,  that we were going to be gifting our women with baskets of goodies when they first come to the house. The one item I want in the basket among many are comfy pajamas. Well, after church she came over to me with a check for Zera House, so I can go out and specifically pick out pajamas for the girls. Because of her generosity, I was also able to get socks and totes for each girl! It was so nice to break away from some of the tedious stuff  that involves running a non profit and go shopping for our sweet women.  I can't wait to gift them with their totes filled with pajamas, new socks, bibles, journals and other fun things.  Blessing after blessing.... answer after answer!! Thank you, Debbie for your heart of mercy and your gift of love. 






Well there you have it, friends! Hope you are as encouraged as I am through this email! Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement! So exciting to watch everything unfold! Still can't believe just how fast everything is moving along. Next up the benefit. We are getting a very positive response and I am so excited to see the Lord show up big time!! Let's celebrate!



    Warmly, Ariel