Hello friends! My name is Dan and I recently moved to McDowell County, West Virginia. I spent my entire life living in Warren County, New Jersey. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and an associates degree in liberal arts. I pursued the bachelor’s degree in hopes of one day becoming a teacher, but God had different plans for me, at least for now. I spent the last 9 years working in a very corporate atmosphere, spending all of my free time hiking and adventuring with friends. I started going on missions trips with my church in NJ to McDowell County, WV in 2015. I developed a big heart for this area and felt compelled to spend more time down here. In April of last year all the pieces started to fall into place and I left my job and was quickly blessed with a place to live here in McDowell County. I came down here unsure of a lot of things, but God has been guiding my entire journey thus far! When I heard about Ariel starting her Zera House mission in the area that I felt called to, the pieces continued to fall into place. My passion for helping people and serving others and the many skills and talents that I have acquired over the years can finally be put to good use in a productive way! I’m thankful to God every day for this wild ride called life and I’m excited to see what He has in store for me and for Zera House!




Hi All. My name is Erica. I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Michigan. After accepting Jesus as my Savior in college, I felt led to the missions field in inner-city Philadelphia. It was there the Lord began to put a passion in my heart to serve others. I moved back to Michigan after a year and a half in Philly then spent over a decade teaching in an early childhood setting where I learned to love greater, help resolve conflicts, teach character, instill confidence and to have faith like a child. 

It wasn't until I began to walk through a healing journey of my own did the passion become more clear as to what the Lord was calling me to. I feel the Lord has put in me a burning passion to help women who have been sexually abused, exploited and trafficked walk through healing and freedom in Christ. To show them how loved, valued and worthy they are and to know the true Love that can fully set them free emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  

A few tid bits about me: I adore the outdoors, worshiping loudly (and usually off key), my family and friends, adventure, and my Jesus! I'm completely humbled and honored to be one of the House Moms at Zera House. I know the Lord is going to do great things! 

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Grace Brannen


Hello, y'all! My name is Grace, and I am a fresh graduate with a passion for ministry, specifically for victims of sexual exploitation. I'm a Georgia-born kid, and for the last couple years, I have volunteered at the Table on Delk here in Atlanta, working out the Lord's calling for my life, and I visited McDowell County in March of 2019, quickly falling in love with the mission that is being carried out here. I am delighted to have the chance to apply my skills and work ethic to the Zera House, and I praise God every day for the work that He is doing in my life and the many blessings He has given this team! I love gardening, photography, and building things, as well as gleefully pointing out spelling errors where I see them. To balance out those good things that I like, I have a profound dislike for horses (and deer), being touched, and pineapple. The Lord has totally transformed my life over the past few years, and I am more than honored to carry out His plan for me!


The Estes Family


Hi Everyone!  We are Tim, Whitney, Asher, and Andyn Estes, and we are on a journey with Jesus.  Since meeting on the mission field in California 6 years ago, we have served in Alaska and Mexico.  But, during a summer missions school in Africa, we truly grew deeper in love with Jesus, meaning our “yes” to Him was without borders.  Whitney was born and raised in West Virginia, but she never anticipated saying “yes” to wherever God called her would mean returning to WV.  It certainly is funny how He works.  We believe our family has been called to see the unseen and remember the often forgotten by society.  We are passionate about cultivating family, truly walking with people through their “junk”, and seeing true transformation in their lives.  After serving in a brothel ministry for over a year, the Lord grew a desire within us to walk with women through their healing process.  Upon hearing of Zera House, there was a heart connection from the start.  

Tim loves to serve.  It brings him joy when he has that opportunity, no matter what it may look like.  He is also passionate about teaching the Word and evangelism.  Whitney loves to counsel and has a mama bear’s heart.  She is honored to counsel and help shepherd survivors.  Asher loves people boldly.  At a young age, we have already witnessed this profound gifting in his life.  Right now, Andyn loves to sleep, but we know he has amazing callings and giftings that we will be honored to see as he grows.  We are so humbled and grateful to serve Zera House.  

Hi!! My name is Tiffani. I was born and raised in South Charleston, WV. I am a mommy to two beautiful kids. I lead worship at my church along with my husband, Patrick.
While I was in college, I felt God calling me to do something to help women who have become victims of sex trafficking. For a long time I had pushed it aside out of fear and doubt. About a year ago, I felt the Lord stirring something inside me and preparing me for something big. I finally told Him that whatever it was, my answer was - Yes! After lots and lots of prayers, He brought me to Zera House. He has given me a vision and a passion to help survivors transition into life with a brighter future ahead. To equip them with His word and His knowledge that will lead them down a brand new path.
I am so so grateful for His hand upon me and His faithfulness and I am so excited to see His plan unfold!